Military Road Alliance Delegates to get
Parish Update from Parish Coroner Dr. Charles “Chuck” Preston

Slidell, LA – The Military Road Alliance (M.R.A.), an umbrella organization of a dozen homeowner associations in eastern St. Tammany Parish representing over 4000 residents, will get an update on the office of the St. Tammany Parish Coroner when they meet at their new location thismonth.

According to M.R.A. President Robert Broome, Parish Coroner Dr. Charles “Chuck” Preston will address the delegates this month at 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, February 19, in the cafeteria of Boyet Junior High, on Rebel Drive, one block off Pearl Street. Please note the new change of location for monthly M.R.A. meetings. 

Dr. Preston will cover several topics, including the functions of the Coroner’s office, the status of Safe Haven, and aspects of the current opioid crisis.

As always, M.R.A. meetings are open to the public as a service to help keep area residents informed on issues that can affect their daily lives.

Subdivision inquiries about joining the Military Road Alliance, and questions about this meeting, can be directed to current M.R.A. President Robert Broome, 985-643-4565 or via email at

General information about the Military Road Alliance can be found on the M.R.A.’s website,    

M.R.A. president Robert Broome is interested in meeting with various homeowner associations to explain the workings of the M.R.A., and how their membership would be beneficial to the residents. Those interested can contact Broome to attend their meeting; homeowner presidents are encouraged to contact Broome about the M.R.A. and discuss a visit to one of their association meetings.

Residents of area non-member subdivisions should contact their homeowner association officers to consider joining the M.R.A. to stay informed, and especially to have input on upcoming parishwide community issues such as tax initiatives and bond renewals.

Broome reminds all M.R.A. member subdivisions that they should ensure that their annual M.R.A. dues is paid, and that they have submitted a list of their official voting delegates

Although residents of any subdivision can attend monthly M.R.A. meetings, they cannot vote on issues that come up without membership in the association, paid dues of $35 per year, and submitting a list of delegates.  While the M.R.A. does not endorse individual candidates for office, the organization often takes positions on area tax and millage initiatives.

Monthly M.R.A. speakers address area economic development, roads and highways, drainage and flooding issues, the ongoing activities of the parish government and school board, legislative matters, and any upcoming elections and initiatives.

Throughout the year, designated M.R.A. delegates report back to their individual homeowner associations on matters taken up by the M.R.A. The Military Road Alliance, in continuous existence since 1979, now embraces over 4,000 residents in the general area east of Slidell.


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